Saturday, October 30, 2010

Connie McKnight: Green Expectations: Green Beauty Goes Head to Head...

Connie McKnight: Green Expectations: Green Beauty Goes Head to Head...: "Over the last few years, the green personal care movement has evolved from humble beginnings to a multimillion dollar industry, and consume..."

You Are Not Dead Yet. by Gidget Giardino

Remember being a little kid. It was Saturday morning that thrilled us. We'd jump out of bed and run to the television (they were HUGE back then) and put on cartoons. Saturday was the only day of the week they were on and it was only on in the morning. We would not miss them for the world!

Now, jump ahead in time to present day and think about how different it is. You can literally find cartoons on any hour of the day or night with cable, satellite or Internet. We are in an age of instant gratification. It is exciting! No longer do you have to wait to watch cartoons. In that same sense most people can have what ever they want because technology, innovation and willpower have given us so much freedom.

The question of the day is: What have you done with your freedom?

Today you can decide to go out and watch a movie, or visit with friends, or stay in bed, or just about anything else you could think of. But did you? Today you can decide to become a millionaire, or end world hunger, or change a persons life for the better. But will you?

When you were a kid you had big dreams. Did you make your dreams come true? You know, the dreams you had when you were a kid running for the TV on Saturday morning? The majority of you will answer this question with a big fat NO. The thing about it is, it doesn't matter if you didn't make your dreams come true. Because you are not dead. You just haven't made your dreams come true. YET!