Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Go With The Best

My company has a true partnership with its distributors.

The compensation plan is 50/50. A full 50% on every product is paid back to the distributors who participate in building a business with our 8 year old health & wellness company.

There is NO BREAKAGE and we have 9 level dynamic compression. (That alone is worth its weight.)

Our world-class, category-creating products are not to be dismissed or taken lightly. And, neither are our highly expreienced, honest and caring founders. They have done such a great job, our company was debt-free in the thrid month of business. Since that time we have done over 2 Billion in sales and broken more growth records than I can keep up with.

The best two aspects of my company are:

WE WILL NEVER CHANGE THE COMPENSATION PLAN (what you build now will be there for future generations to come) and our philanthropic endeavors have saved countless lives and provided priceless help to millions of people all over the world.

Business Overview Video:


Toxic Nightmare Video:


And my favorite - Social Entrepreneurship Site:


If you are looking for a great company than look no further. XanGo is it.
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