Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Learn From The Giraffes How To Do Network Marketing by Gidget Giardino

Picture 2 : giraffes Standing the tallest of all, giraffes see obstacles and opportunities while they are still far off. They are so peacefully hard-working we sometimes forget how powerful they are, how swiftly they can move.

Picture 7 : Masai giraffesHumans can learn a lot from this magnificent creature. We don't have to be the tallest, but we do have to open our eyes and, more importantly, our minds to the opportunities which may in turn destroy the obstacles in our life. 

It is entirely possible to be peacefully hard-working. In most cases, the chaos is not created by others but by our own minds working overtime. We, as humans, tend to complicate even the simplest tasks.  

Take Network Marketing, the idea is a simple one. You build a business of referring others to a particular product. The more people you refer the more profits you earn. Not exactly rocket science. So, why is it then that most people who join a Network Marketing company don't turn a huge profit? It's because they over-complicate the simple task of referring. 

Think about it this way. If you went to a new restaurant in town that just opened and had a delicious meal with great service, you  would not think twice about telling your friends and family about your wonderful experience, right? Well, if you want to succeed in Network Marketing just be honest about your experience and share it with others. 

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