Thursday, January 6, 2011

Get On Your Way

One of my favorite authors of all time, Jack Canfield, wrote this article.  His easy to read and understand way of writing make him one of the most successful coaches. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Get On Your Way by Jack Canfield

Starting toward your goals is up to you. No one can hold your hand and take you to your goal safely. No one can take every step with you and make sure you do not have any struggles. You must take responsibility for what you want and you must begin.

Beginning need not be scary. It is as simple as making a few decisions. Will you decide what you want for yourself? You do not have to decide how it will all come about; you only need to decide what it is you want for your life. How do you want to be living? You must also decide what your first step will be. Will it be signing up for more education or training? Will it be making a list of people to talk to? Will it be getting a new job, or even a second part-time job in the field you want to be in?

Come up with the first action you will take and take it! Just jump in and figure out each step to take next. Once you start, keep your eyes and ears open to the possibilities. Energy in motion stays in motion. Just keep taking steps. Learn as you go. Find out what you can do right now and do it. If you need to learn how to do the next thing before you can do it, then the next step is to learn it!

Be willing to ask questions and be rejected and feel your fears. Allow yourself to be human just like everyone else. Ask for help from people who can help you. Learn how others are doing it and practice what they do. The main thing is to begin.

When you begin, you set the cycle of cause and effect into play. You cannot possibly know all that will come about as you set off for your desired lifestyle. But as you take your steps, there are things happening behind the scenes, and opportunities will unfold before you when you are ready for them. Your horizon will shift into focus as you approach your goals and then change into another distant prize for you to keep marching toward. You cannot see all that can be yours from just one viewpoint.

Acknowledge your present state of happiness even if your life isn’t all that you hope it will be. Just be grateful now and keep our sights set on being grateful. Open yourself to accept new beliefs about yourself and what you can accomplish, and you will find yourself accomplishing them. Be grateful then, too. Because as you grow and develop yourself you will always be creating new goals to improve your life; it is important not to wait for that “perfect” life before you are grateful to be living.

Keep yourself inspired and motivated. Get a mentor or personal coach, a group to be accountable to, an audio program and books to keep your internal fire lit. Surround yourself with positive energy, especially from within, and make the changes you need to in your life.

Visualize your success every day. Pay attention to your habits. Decide every day to take more steps toward improvement. Make your life a wonderful adventure that you are fully engaged in!

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  1. Many of us want more money, cars, toys, faster toys, bigger house, time, more land whatever the dream. It starts with our self, if we don't or aren't willing to get out and do more, work more, work smarter, we will never get more. Gidget is doing what many other successful people are doing. She is watching what the successful people are doing and doing it. Her difference is she is showing everyone else how to do the same thing.